Sunday, April 24, 2011

what happen?? ^_^"

I was so sad. very sad. cried? yes. I was inability to stop my tears. tried to stop, but I can't. lastly my tears dropped fastly in my cheek.i think someting...why I feel it? what can I do it?...

Why I cried? actually, so many things that I thought. ALLAH test me from variety of space such as friends, love, study, my life and everything.  ALLAH, thats time I was feel so sad, weak and brittle. 

But, when I think back, thats a real of life. sometimes happy sometimes sad. not everything that's beautiful, happy and easy will be we go through in this world. when we become adult, many anticipation will we get and have to face it. but with an experience, it will make me strong, courageous and be more matured to face the day that coming soon, insyallah.  I must trust myself and believe that i'm STRONG!

Ina, if you want to cry, go on. at least, the problem that I have not really encumber me. the cry can make me feel calm after that. crying not mean i'm weak, but sometimes give me a spirit for me to still go on in my life. 

Prays to ALLAH because ALLAH have give me an anticipation and HE will facilitate for me to face that anticipation too. 

~Have faith in ALLAH! 

friends & everyone please pray for me

~ izzah ~ 
I'm sry frnds...-_-"

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